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Ligament Restore

Ligament Restore

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Ligament Restore helps support normal recovery from exercise and is best taken daily to maintain connective tissue resiliency. This supplement supports collagen formation for tendons, ligaments and joints, and it may help recovery from strains, sprains and overall wear and tear. It also supports the natural repair process of healthy connective tissue.

The formula contains glucosamine, which acts as a building block for tendons, ligaments and joints. It also offers BioCell Collagen, a naturally occurring blend of hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, glucosamine and amino acids to promote cartilage synthesis and joint integrity. Collagen formation is encouraged with the amino acids lysine and proline, forming the glue that holds collagen together. The formula also includes silica and vitamin C as cofactors for connective tissue formation and repair and maintains joint comfort with devil's claw and curcumin.

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